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Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Regina

Snoring Counselling

Snoring affects millions of people. Not only can snoring affect the quality of your sleep, it can also affect the rest of your family. We offer snoring counselling to help you stop snoring from interrupting your rest.

How snoring is caused

Snoring is caused when the soft tissues around your airways relax when you enter deep sleep. The tissues begin to vibrate when you breathe, creating the familiar snoring sound. Snoring affects the quality and length of your sleep and can leave you exhausted all day.

How we can help

We can work with you to identify the factors that cause you to snore and develop a treatment plan to address them. In many cases, snoring can be stopped by repositioning the jaws with a dental appliance that you wear while you sleep.

Get a good night's rest! Talk to us about how we can help you stop snoring.

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